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Are you looking for a 2019 sports calendar? Are you a sports fanatic who just cannot live without your sports memorabilia? Maybe you are looking for that perfect gift for a MLB baseball, NFL football, NHL hockey, NBA, basketball, NASCAR auto racing or golf fan. These sports calendars are not only useful, but are collectors items that any sports fan would love to own. The Calendars are newly arrived and contain some of the best moments in sports history, team histories, jokes and more. Buy a gift that your sports fan will truly love and one that will be used for the whole year! Simply click on the categories below to select a sports calendar you are interested in.

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Green Bay Packers Potato Head

Product# 492906591
Selling for $17.99

"Green Bay Packers Potato Head: This fun toy can now be dressed up to be a fan or mascot of your favorite team! Comes complete with multiple pieces to change his look regularly. Approximately 6"" high. For ages 5+ WARNING: Choking Hazard - Contains sma"...

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Green Bay Packers Checkers

Product# 495285973
Selling for $19.99

Enjoy your time while you and your family and friends play this new and exciting game of Green Bay Packers Checkers. Includes game board and 24 checker pieces in the shape of helmets—half with Green Bay Packers colors and logo and half of their rivals the Chicago Bears....

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